Program Details

The Penn State Smeal One-Year MBA is a versatile and full-time residential program tailored to a diverse range of students, including recent graduates and working professionals seeking career advancement and enhanced business acumen. With a unique program structure, this STEM-designated MBA can be completed in just 9 months at Penn State's University Park campus. What sets this program apart is its customizability, allowing students to build a personalized learning plan and "stack" credentials in areas like accounting, business analytics, finance, real estate analysis and development, and supply chain management. Emphasizing experiential learning, the program provides hands-on experiences to foster essential business and leadership skills, ensuring graduates can make an immediate impact in their careers. The inclusion of a global immersion experience broadens students' perspectives, a crucial aspect for today's leaders. Prioritizing student success, the program offers early career leadership focus and dedicated graduate career services. The extensive Penn State alumni network, comprising 760K+ business partners and 92,000+ Smeal alumni, is a valuable asset, providing support, advice, and opportunities.

The Penn State Smeal One-Year MBA is a customizable, full-time residential program designed for a range of students from recent graduates with limited experience to working professionals who are looking to advance in their careers and sharpen their business acumen.

  • Program Structure: Begin the program in August to earn your STEM-designated MBA in 9 months at Penn State’s University Park campus.
  • Customizable: Your MBA from Smeal gives you ability to build a custom learning plan with stackable credentials, making it possible to earn a sequential degree in areas including accounting, business analytics, finance, real estate analysis and development, and supply chain management. 
  • Experiential Learning: The program will expand your classroom learning through unique, hands-on experiences to further develop key business and leadership skills so you are prepared to make an immediate impact.
  • Global Perspective: Through core coursework and the opportunity to participate in a global immersion at an overseas destination, you will gain a unique global perspective critical for today’s leaders.
  • Student Success First: With a focus on early career leadership and dedicated graduate career services, we’re a business college that cares about your long-term success.
  • 760K+ Business Partners: The Penn State alumni network is our biggest asset, and with 92,000+ Smeal alumni and counting, we are everywhere in the world and always in your corner—ready to open doors, offer advice, and cheer you on.

Stacking Smeal Credentials

Smeal allows for more flexible, personalized education with the ability to stack degrees. One-Year MBA students may use eligible credits from their MBA toward a sequential master’s degree. Courses will be waived only after the student has applied and been accepted into the secondary program. MBA students can stack with the following Smeal master’s programs:

  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Real Estate Analysis & Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Online)
  • Marketing Analytics and Insights (Online)
  • Taxation (Online)